(Review originally written at 4 August 2008)

The Japanese 'Ringu' series is one odd one. This movie is a sequel to "Ringu", while there is also another movie that is actually named "Ringu 2". Is this even an official sequel? Both movies feature as well some of the same characters and actors as from the first "Ringu" movie Both movies are sequels, while this movie is being based on the novel by Kôji Suzuki and stays close to its source material, the other sequel "Ringu 2" is more of a movie sequel to "Ringu". You either accept this movie or "Ringu 2" as its sequel, since both are a direct sequel to "Ringu" but they themselves have nothing to do with each other. Are you still following it? To make things more complicated, these movies got followed by "Ringu 0: Bâsudei", which in return is a prequel to "Ringu". And then lets not even get started about all those 'Ringu/Ring' movie versions and television series from different countries.

While "Rasen" is perhaps the better written movie, "Ringu 2" is still the better made one, in terms of directing and build-up of it all. It's also more exciting to watch horror wise. "Rasen" is the sort of movie that relies more on its 'clever' writing rather than trying to be tense or scary.

What perhaps disappointed me most about this movie was how unengaged it was to watch. I wouldn't call "Rasen" a boring movie but it also isn't exactly an exciting one either. For a horror movie it just simply gets never scary or tense. It's a more slow moving movie, that focuses more on its uninteresting characters and other uninteresting aspects. It's a story that just never takes off.

Really not the best the 'Ringu' series or Japanese horror has to offer.


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