(Review originally written at 5 August 2008)

It must be really hard to make a chick-flick. Take a couple of young female leads, some strong and some insecure characters, throw in a couple of love stories, preferably one about a forbidden and/or impossible love, some personal problems and death and you have basically all the ingredients you need. But then again, all genres are of course more or less like this. Throw in a couple of scares in a horror movie, some explosions in an action flick, etcetera. You just either dig a genre or you just don't. Chick-flicks are obviously just not my thing.

Of course chick-flicks are more or less all the same, because they feature all of the usual ingredients, which I just mentioned. The movie also knows this, so it tries to throw in an original concept about a pair of pants that travels between 4 different befriended owners, who are spending their summer holiday for the first time away from each other. To me this whole pants thing just felt like an excuse to connect all of the 4 different stories within the movie, which are focusing on the 4 main characters.

Basically when you put 4 episodes of a random similar American TV-series in a row, you'll have a movie just like this. The story features all of the- and as much drama as you could expect.

Still the movie is not an horrible one and yet is also knows to become an original one with its approach and story, which in my opinion is mostly due to the leading actresses of the movie. They give the movie some life and emotion. It's also no coincidence that these actresses are leading ones in some successful TV-series, of which some got launched after this movie, while others already had a successful television career prior to this movie. They are also acting well with each other in this movie, which makes them look convincing as a group who has been friends since childhood. I especially liked Alexis Bledel very natural seeming acting style for this movie, even though normally I'm not a too big fan of her acting skills in many other things. Basically credit needs to go to all of the leading actresses but lets also not forget the young Jenna Boyd, who is a child-star that isn't annoying for a change and can also really act, as she proofs in this movie, with a very difficult and hard to play role at such a young age (She was only around 12 at the time of this movie.).

Thing with chick-flicks or most romantic movies for that matter, is that they pretend to be just like life and realistic with its story and approach but of course life as portrayed in these sort of movies just isn't true. You could say that the movie are 'falsy-realistic'. But apparently this is just a thing to seems to attract (teenage)woman, making these sort of movies and this movie in particular also a perfectly watchable one for them.


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