(Review originally written at 15 August 2009)

This is one of those "Twilight Zone: The Movie" kind of movie, that features a couple of different horror stories and a storyteller (played by Christopher Lloyd) who binds all of the stories together. It's not an horrible movie but it also certainly ain't among the most interesting ones that the genre has to offer.

For an horror movie it's certainly lacking in originality and good scares. It's a rather clich├ęd movie that is predictable to watch, though it does offer enough entertainment to still consider this movie watchable. Still the movie is too slow and too little good and interesting is ever happening, making this movie at the same time not that great to watch for the lovers of the genre.

It's still a rather good looking movie, at least for a made for TV movie it is. It's a movie made with some skilled people involved. Director Mick Garris already had some experience in the genre prior this movie and directed a couple of horror movies and TV-series episodes. None of them were anything too outstanding but it gained him obviously the right knowledge needed. Seems like he also loves to work with some Stephen King material. This movie also features a short story which got based on the Stephen King short story "Chattery Teeth".

The movie at times is still a bit of a clumsy one, which makes the movie look bad and ridicules at times, this is especially the case with the movie its last story. Not all of its writing and dialog is always convincing. Also some of the actors are pretty poor ones and even Christopher Lloyd is overacting way too much to enjoy him in his role.

All in all it isn't a too recommendable movie but it still has a certain entertainment level.


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