(Review originally written at 13 August 2009)

Even though this movie always got praised a lot, there also had been some criticism at it, claiming that the movie was nothing more but a filmed stage-play. Normally movies based on stage-plays also sort of bother more, since it obviously got written for a different medium and this doesn't always translate too well to the silver-screen. This however really wasn't the case for me with this movie. It's simply a solid movie, with a good story and of course more than great actors.

It's a pure movie, that only relies solely on its script and actors. It directed by the man who also was behind the play; John Patrick Shanley.

The movie leaves lots or room for speculation, since it doesn't explain everything that happens in the movie. The movie is more about the human nature and how individuals act in certain situations. A real character movie, that gets made all the more powerful due to main actors. the movie got nominated for a total of 5 Oscar's, of which 4 were for actors. This already says enough about it I think.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep are two favorite actors of mine and you already knew from the moment that they were cast in this movie, the movie was going to be something special. Amy Adams was a bit of a surprising casting choice as a nun, since she mostly plays the pretty girl, in romantic-comedy like movies. But she also dares to be ugly in this movie and due to this her acting skills becomes more visible. She is simply a great actress who doesn't feel out of place at all within this movie and doesn't get played off the screen by its two leading, acclaimed, powerhouse actors.

A great movie to watch, though perhaps a bit too heavy and not cinematic challenging enough to watch for some people, since the movie in its essence is pretty simple and besides its story and acting doesn't feature much more elements that deserve to be mentioned.


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