(Review originally written at 27 May 2010)

Even though I enjoyed watching the movie, I just couldn't help to also feel disappointed with it. It has a wonderful concept but yet it does very little with this horror wise, which is mainly the biggest disappointment of the movie.

It's true that the movie its emphasis is mainly on its entertainment and fun value. If you're a bit familiar with Stuart Gordon, you know that his movies are often more tongue-in-cheek type of comedies than full-blood horrors, though his movies are still being quite gory but more in an over-the-top kind of way, that enhances the movie its comedy value all the more. It's what makes many of his movies so great and so much fun to watch but this is only till some extend also the case with this movie.

Thing is that they really didn't do enough with its main premise. They could had done so much more with the idea of bringing all these dolls to life, who cause mayhem and go on a killing spree. There is something quite scary about seeing these simple, normal, cute, looking dolls carrying around weapons and bashing in on people. Yet as an horror this movie does fall flat, mainly because it takes a while for something to really occur and when it does, it's just too short. Not that the movie doesn't have any great sequences in it though. It still remains an highlight when the dolls and all other type of puppets and toys attack the humans of the movie. The violence in the movie does also actually get quite gory during those moments. I just wished the movie managed to create a better balance between its horror and fun and perhaps put some of its emphasis more on the horror at times.

Another problem with this movie is the lack of a real main character. I guess it was supposed to be the little girl but at certain points in the movie she disappears completely out of the story. Also she doesn't do anything, in terms of trying to fight back or even try to escape from the killer dolls. All of the other characters are mostly being caricatures, which is fun but makes it also hard to like them and feel connected to them. So there also just really is not much tension to the movie due to this.

But yet the movie remains simply fun to watch. You'll enjoy the movie during the moments that something is happening. It's also a good looking one, with some nice effects. The dolls really come to life in this.


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