(Review originally written at 4 August 2010)

This movie is such a big mess but it's such an enjoyable one to watch. It was as if the film-makers were simply saying to each other; 'Let's just make a fun movie and have a good time making it'. It's not as if they worried much about its story or any continuity. Characters pop up very randomly and at times don't even add anything to the story and the story itself doesn't even really follow a main plot-line.

The movie does not have really one main plot-line but what it does have are a bunch of side-plots, thrown together. It's what makes this movie such an incredibly random one, that is all over the place. But it's also really what makes the movie so very fun to watch. Some scene's don't even make sense for the movie and are obviously put in only for some comedy effect. But thing with it is that it's simply hilarious. The comedy is often cruel, which works out really well for the movie.

The concept of having basically all of the character being homeless bums works out really well as well for the movie its humor and its strange kind of atmosphere. It can definitely become an odd movie at times but I just simply love this movie for that. It goes over-the-top with its story, effects and characters and this all ensures that this movie remains throughout such an entertaining one.

It's also a real gross-out movie with some stuff you normally wouldn't even see in a serious horror movie. People blow up and melt, so there is plenty of gore and blood to enjoy as well. But also those moments mostly work out well for its entertainment value. Just don't take this movie very serious and you'll have plenty of fun with it.

The movie got directed by J. Michael Muro and it's a real shame there aren't any more directed movies by him. He's a person that now days mostly works as a camera-operator or main director of photography, also on some really big and well known productions. At the time of this movie he was only 21 and had just began his career. Seems that at the time he was already quite interested in camera-work, since there are quite some special and '70's like, experimental shots, in this movie.

Such a silly, random, messy movie, that is just far too much fun not to like or to enjoy.


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