(Review originally written at 10 March 2011)

In all seriousness, this movie is being one crazy viewing experience. It's unlike anything else, which is however not really a positive thing about this movie to say.

You can't even really call and consider this a real movie, since it doesn't have any production values. The movie is shot with some old fashioned VHS camera's it appears and it got made with a zero dollar budget, by a bunch of friends in their spare time. So in essence this is being nothing more than just an amateur movie, only made and released as a serious movie attempt. As a serious movie it is being laughable bad but once you start to watch it as an amateur movie, it's actually quite an accomplishment, that I'm sure all those involved with are also real proud off. And I also view this movie in that context. So it might seem surprising that I'm not entirely bashing this movie or make fun of it but you just have to see every movie in its own context. And as a full length, 100 minutes long, amateur movie, this is simply quite an accomplishment.

But with that I'm not saying that the movie is much good though. The story, amongst lots of other things, all prevents it from being so. I literally had no idea what the story was being all about. Appereantly it was about a fight between the mafia and the army commando's because I heard those words being yelled a lot throughout this movie. It would help if there were subtitles available for this movie but I doubt that it would make the story any better, I also really had no idea, until half way through who captain Alex actually was and I still don't know who killed him. I'm also still left a bit puzzled at who were supposed to be the bad and good guys within this movie. And what happened at the ending exactly? Questions, questions, questions.

The entire movie is being narrated by a person who says the exact same things as the actors and even mimics some of the sound effects at times and also comments at how action packed it is and that it got made Ramon Film Productions. It literally gave me an headache and whenever the narrator speaks (which is for 90& of the movie) all of the other sounds of the movie are completely switched off. So dialog, sound effects and music all get ruined by its narration. There are a couple of reasons I can think of why they put in the narration for this movie. 1. to help to let the story move along and explain stuff, in an attempt to still make things understandable. 2. The quality of the recorded sound was considered to be too poor for release. 3. It conceals the actor's inexperience and their delivery of the lines. 4. It's an Ugandese thing. 5. They just had no idea what they were doing. Anyway, the movie would had been off so much better without that incredible annoying and loud, exaggerated narration.

But that of course is not the only thing that is wrong with this movie. What is laughable is that things seem to happen very randomly. All of the shooting is still acceptable but at times the movie turns into a fight flick, like you're watching an old Asian Kung Fu movie. Granted that these guys do some impressive moves but it's just completely out of place. On top of that all, the weak editing really doesn't help much with its fight sequences.

But the movie is still being most notorious for having some of the absolutely worst special effects of all time. I don't know which program they used for it but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Paint. The muzzle flairs and explosions are the absolute worst but it's still all being topped by the helicopter sequences, which I can't even describe. And they easily could had left this out as well. There was no real point for having an helicopter fly around and blowing up stuff and it would had made the movie as well a whole lot less laughable to look at.

So weak editing, lame story, bad storytelling, outdated picture quality, horrendous special effects. This all make it apparent that these guys never went to film school and also just had no experience on the movie making field at all. They probably had seen a couple of Hollywood action movies and tried to mimic it as best as they could but they simply neither had the experience or the resources to successfully accomplish it.

But I have to give the movie it that it never bores. There also is really something going on and indeed it's being action packed. Not with good action but with action nevertheless. In that regard this also really isn't the worst amateur like movie within its genre to watch and at least is also being one you can have some fun with watching. Often not because of how good it is, quite the opposite of that but you'll have fun nevertheless.


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