(Review originally written at 26 May 2010)

The name of director Carol Reed is not necessarily one that immediately rings a bell. However he is also the one responsible for one of the greatest and best known classic movie within its genre; "The Third Man". That movie is not only great due to its story or acting but also really due to its style of directing and atmospheric and mysterious tensions and environments. This movie makes it obvious that Reed had way more and also similar type of great movies under his belt already, prior to becoming known to the big public with "The Third Man".

This is a movie that I simply loved due to its atmosphere. It has some great cinematography and lighting that goes with it. It besides is a movie that often is being very innovative with some of its sequences. There are some great moments in this movie that mostly become memorable due to its fantastic stylish cinematography and unique daring directing style.

It all really uplifts the story to some great heights. And less face it, the story itself really isn't anything to original or surprising. It's not bad, not at all, but frankly I couldn't really care for any at it at times. Perhaps this was also due to the fact that the movie keeps introducing some characters throughout and often loose track because of that on the main character, played by James Mason.

James Mason himself always regarded his role in this movie to be his best one. He's good in his role but I really wouldn't call it his best. Mason has played many great movie roles throughout the years and I can name at least a few I preferred him in, above this movie.

Just like "The Third Man", this movie is not really being a film-noir but it still features some of the ingredients and visual elements from it. It above all things is still simply a crime-thriller, with of course some mystery and drama in it as well. It's hard to label this movie just under one thing.

A greatly atmospheric movie that works out- and still is somewhat original to watch due to its unique directing and overall style.


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