(Review originally written at 21 May 2010)

It's kind of weird watching this movie. It's a sequel that got made 7 years after the original and in its story basically has nothing to do with the original. It just uses the similar concept of killings taking place during prom night at school.

It's not only a different movie in story but also with its approach. This movie takes a supernatural approach to things, while the original was still an old fashioned formulaic slasher.

But yet I can't really say that this movie is worse than the original. as a matter of fact it is a tiny bit better and more watchable, though it does suffer from some of the same problems as the original as well.

Biggest complaint again is that the build up just doesn't work out very interesting for the movie. To make matters worse, the movie takes a turn for the worse about half way through. It is true that the movie really starts to go downhill after that. I just couldn't care for any of the events in the movie its second half, since things suddenly started to get more and more unlikely. A shame because in all honesty the movie started off kind of promising at first and I liked were it was going.

It's also a shame how Michael Ironside gets underused in this. Seriously, what's the point in even casting him in your movie when you are not going to let him play the dangerous main villain or any other tough like kind of character.

Really not that great or interesting but it's nice to see it's taking a different approach and it's still slightly more watchable than the first movie.


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