(Review originally written at 16 November 2007)

What a great pleasant treat this movie was! It was an absolute delicious and fun movie to watch.

This movie is a well known left-wing satirical comedy, with most excellent timing- and constructed comical sequences and slapstick moments. It also makes its point well; commenting on the coming of the industrial technology and how the common worker becomes the victim of this and on capitalism. René Clair's view on those things becomes all too clear when watching this movie but it's done in such a way that it doesn't distract from the movie or takes anything away of the movie its entertainment value.

It's one of the very first real musicals. The songs and sequences that go by it are very fun, which make it pleasant to both look at and listen to.

On top of that the movie has a good, well constructed story. It makes this movie so much more than just a fun simplistic comedy of which hundreds got made of in the '30's. No, this movie is far from a simplistic made one. It features many different genre elements and layers. It's a clever movie that hits its mark in an effective- but above all most fun way.

The characters are all great and fun to watch. They are well set up and portrayed in the movie. All of them are fun in a different and unique way.

The movie had some great and impressive art directing (also nominated for an Oscar) and some great innovative camera-work as well. It's a great looking movie that really pleases the eye. Also the good nimble editing makes the sequences within in the movie work out all just great.

Absolutely a great and fun movie to watch, over and over again, without loosing any of its power. It makes this movie a true timeless classic!.


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