(Review originally written at 16 November 2007)

This is a rather enjoyable simple horror movie, that was obviously not made to win any awards but to bring some good entertainment instead.

The movie is filled with all stereotypical shallow characters you would expect. I mean, OF COURSE there also just happens to be a convict aboard with a cop attached to him, pretty stewardesses, a couple of scientist, quarrelsome young couples, oh and even a nun and a couple of other weird bunch of characters of which you never get to know their names. simply because you just don't care.

No the movie doesn't feature much surprises. It's a pretty formulaic movie with all of the elements you would expect. Nothing happens as a real surprise and it's one of those movies in which you pretty much know already who is going to die and live. You know exactly in advance what you're going to get when you watch a movie like this, with a title such as this one has.

It takes a bit too long for the movie for the horror to kick really in but this has obviously to do with the movie its restrained budget and also story. I mean, if things started off right along in this movie, it would had probably only had been about an hour long. I mean, how much good and interesting can you come up with a movie that's completely set aboard a plane.

About halve way through the action really kicks in and the gloves are off! The fun really starts then when the zombie like creatures are unleashed among the passengers and get on a killing spree and more and more zombies are reborn. It then most becomes obvious what an unpretentious simply B-horror this actually really is. The movie turns into a pure gore-fest, with the one graphic killing after the other.

It's a good visual looking movie. At least it's not clumsy or anything and everything looks actually quite convincing and professional. Also the make-up and gore is pretty good looking and shall definitely please the genre fans. It definitely knows how to make use of its limited budget!

As you would expect the acting isn't much special but this also has everything to do with the simple script and formulaic dialog. Still there are some decent well known actors in the movie, like Erick Avari and Raymond J. Barry.

The story is kept at all times simple and is of course far fetched, silly and far from believable. But like I said before, how much interesting can you come up with for a movie that is completely set aboard a flying plane? And uh, firing guns and blowing up gas tanks in a plane without crashing down or even create a hole in the plane? I think that pretty much sums up how serious you have to take this movie.

This movie is simply good and enjoyable for what it is, a deliberate simple gory B-horror flick, featuring a whole bunch of zombies. It serves its purpose really well and effectively! A great movie in its genre, that is very well worth watching, at least if you're in these type of movies of course.


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