(Review originally written at 19 September 2010)

In all fairness, this movie is just as good (or bad) as the other movies out of its series. This is no big surprise, since all of the movies are being more or less the same with its concept and set-up.

Three movies later we still basically no nothing about hell house or what's the demons want exactly. It's just lazy writing from the writers, who think that it's enough of having a ghostly concept, that allows the movie to feature plenty of cliché horror moments in it. Guess that is a bit of a missed opportunity to add some more depth and overall originality to the movies.

I didn't had as much fun with this movie as I had with the other ones though. This is mostly because this movie doesn't really feature any likable characters in it. It's also less comical written and orientated as the first two movies, which is another reason why this movie is overall less fun to watch.

I also wasn't very fond or impressed by the movie its overall look. This seemed like a real cheap movie and I'm just not that crazy of the '90's style of film-making and look in the first place. But what all three movies have in common is that they all still feature some real great horror make-up effects and some other practical effects, that all add to the movie its horror and goriness.

And it's funny how the Angela keeps popping up in this movies, cause I really don't have the feeling that it was the original intention for her to be the 'main' villain of the movies. It makes Amelia Kinkade the only actress who appeared in all three movies. She plays the same characters every time and also basically does the same stuff every time. It's not exactly the most refreshing or original movie series but at least it knows how to stay a constant consistent one and therefore I also just can't really rate this movie any lower than any of the previous ones.

So really, it's nothing too bad. If you liked the previous two, there should be no reason why you shouldn't like this one as well.


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