(Review originally written at 21 September 2010)

Most people that like this movie seem to like it for its artistic value. I couldn't even enjoy the movie for that.

This was a bit of an odd movie, that could be called a bit of an artistic one, with its overall approach. But this approach really goes at the expense of the story, that just never seems to get off the ground. I just couldn't get really into this movie or feel involved with any of its characters and the events that were happening on screen.

The story in itself sounds good and interesting enough. The premise makes this movie sounds like an Italian torture-porn movie or just a plain horror one. In fact it's really neither, fore it does not feature enough horror to consider this an horror at all and though the movie does has hints of some sadomasochistic tendencies, the movie shows actually very little of the torturing and a lot is being implied but very little is ever shown. So this really isn't a bloody or gory, typical Italian genre piece. Granted that it's still a stylish looking film, with also some good moments in it but it really doesn't make the much better or more interesting to watch.

Not a very interesting movie to watch and a disappointing lackluster, that still shows some hints of a great movie, buried somewhere deep down in all of it.


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