(Review originally written at 18 September 2010)

Foremost reason why I like this movie better than the first one is becomes it got done way more professionally. Not sure if this movie necessarily had a bigger budget to spend this time but simple fact is that it's all better looking and way better put together all. The movie flows better and it's even a more fun one to watch as well.

This movie series pretty much comes from the time that it was popular to make horror movies with lots of comedy in it. Most of them are pretty bad, especially in todays light but often they are still fun to watch. Same is the case with this movie series, that is perhaps not horrible but is nothing that stands out either.

Luckily the movie is not a rehash of the first one though. At first it really seemed that the movie was going to be just like the first movie, that got made 6 years earlier, by picking a similar type of plot and with the same settings and the same sort of characters. But about halfway through it picks a different approach and it has an actual plot that it follows, while the first movie was just being about a bunch of kids who got stuck in hell house and awoke its evil demons. This time there is more a purpose to it all, so to speak.

Still it's a movie that feels connected with the first one, even though it got made by different persons, with mostly different actors and it got released 6 years later. Perhaps this is also thanks to the fact that both movies got written by the same guy; Joe Augustyn, who really hasn't done much more in his career.

It's obviously a movie that works out better as an amusing one and comedy than an horror and scary one. The movie still uses some great looking make-up effects and have some other surprisingly good looking horror effects in it as well.

A decent and fun enough movie, that is better than the first one anyway.


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