(Review originally written at 21 July 2008)

If you don't want to take drugs but still want to experience a tripping experience, "Natural Born Killers" is the perfect alternative solution.

There is no holding back Oliver Stone in this one. Oliver Stone movies of course often feature weird camera angles, extreme editing and cuts and at times dream like atmosphere but "Natural Born Killers" really goes to the extreme. The cuts are extreme, making this one fast hell of a ride, with dream (or better said nightmare) like images. Oliver Stone used all of his tricks, by using many different film formats, old stock footage and random images and animated sequences in between. This all ensures the movie its constant hallucinative look and feeling. It's comical, it's violent, it's odd but yet it also remains to know perfectly accessible to everyone.

It has a story (originally written by Quentin Tarantino) that is filled with violence. It's about a psychotic couple on a killing spree and we mostly get to see things the way they experience them. It makes us close to the main characters, despite their extremely violent nature. They are like a modern Bonnie & Clyde. But the story is of course about a lot more of things, going into many different directions, mainly concerning how violent hungry the world has become, especially concerning its media, as gets perfectly depicted by sensationalist reporter Wayne Gale, played by Robert Downey Jr.

Quite ironic of course that Robert Downey Jr. plays in such a tripping movie, considering his drug past. Same goes for Tom Sizemore. Both must had had no difficulties coming into character and capturing the right mood of the movie with their performances. Besides those two, the movie has many other different great actors in supporting roles. Tommy Lee Jones is of course especially memorable in his totally crazy role as the prison warden Dwight McClusky. The movie further more also features Rodney Dangerfield, O-Lan Jones and Dale Dye among many, many others.

But despite having many great and well known actors in it, the movie still gets mostly carried by it's two main principal actors, Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. They are actually really a cute couple together in this movie, as weird as this might sound, considering all these things they are doing in this movie.

One of my favorite movies of the '90's.


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