(Review originally written at 21 July 2008)

The movie doesn't really have the usual typical sort of comedy you would expect from an '80's Steve Martin movie. It's humor is often more in its little things, or one word that is spoken in its dialog. The movie doesn't build up to its jokes like a normal comedy would do but often things just come out of nowhere. It doesn't make this movie as humor filled as you would perhaps expect but it does make the movie somewhat original and somehow also real pleasant.

Too bad that the story is such a weak one. The story doesn't seem to have one clear focus and subplots are not handled well enough. This has as a result that some moments and even characters just don't work out properly for the movie. It makes the movie also really a weak one to watch at times. The love-story just was too weak and not well developed enough. Judith Ivey is also supposed to be in her mid-20's in this movie but instead looks closer to 40, while Steve Martin also works around a bit too much without his shirt on. It are mainly small things such as these that also makes the movie irritating at parts as well as weak, simply since it doesn't work out all as well as obviously intended.

This movie could had been a great homage to the lonely guy but instead its story is all over the place, jumping from the one thing to another. It doesn't really give a good or fair portrayal of the average lonely guy, who normally is shy and just not the way Steve Martin portrays it in this movie. Charles Grodin is perhaps way better but he's just only playing second violin in this movie.

Still a pleasant enough little movie to watch but just no genre classic, since it has way too many weaknesses, mainly concerning its story.


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