(Review originally written at 20 May 2008)

This is a very fun multiple Oscar nominated entertaining movie from 1936, starring William Powell in the title role.

It's not the type of comedy that makes you laugh out loud but more the type of movie that keeps you entertained throughout, through its charm and the no-worries type of atmosphere.

But its definitely a movie that has its flaws. It certainly isn't the classic must-see comedy that everybody says it is in my opinion. One of the movie its problems are its characters. Godfrey himself is one great character but all of the others are mostly over-the-top and stereotypical comedy characters. Also the main love-interested, which plays an essential role in the movie, isn't really what I would call a likable one. It's a young spoiled rich brag, who cries and screams to get what she wants. And we are supposed to root for this girl to get married to Godfrey? Also the movie is quite moralistic and does have a message in it. This really wasn't necessary and feels forcedly fabricated and things lay too much on the top.

Having said that, it's not really a movie you could ever hate. Through its simplicity you can be nothing but entertained by this movie. It's also true though that its very same simplicity and story are a reason why I just don't see this movie as a perfect genre movie of its era.

It's a movie with a good cast (it also received 4 acting Oscar-nominations) and especially William Powell does a good job with the movie its main character. All of the other actors go a bit over-the-top in their roles but their obviously some fine actors, so you sort of tend to look through it.

It's a fun movie, although its certainly is receiving more praise at the moment than I would ever give it.


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