(Review originally written at 20 May 2008)

First of all, don't take this movie serious people. This way you'll enjoy it the most.

It's a typical British goof-ball comedy, with mainly one big difference to it; that this movie also stars icons Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone, in one of their last movies.

Yes of course their age really shows. Karloff was nearly 80 at the time of this production and Rathbone sounded as if he had last his denture. But of course their presence alone still adds some class to the movie and gives the movie as a whole a certain bit of extra. Besides them two the movie also features Nancy Sinatra, who hasn't appeared in a lot of movies in her lifetime.

The movie features mainly very silly humor, that on top of it all also just isn't exactly very funny. It's however so clumsy and embarrassing to watch all that it also becomes sort of a cute harmless little movie, that becomes fun to watch due to this clumsy and amateur like film-making, the overall movie has.

But the humor isn't the main issue of the movie. It's its story that makes this movie such a bad one to watch. Halve of the time I really don't know what is going on on screen, because it all is just so confusingly bad to follow. Who are all these characters and what do they want? This is a perfect example of how not to make a movie. The movie gets all the more painful to watch as it heads toward its ending.

The movie also features some very random musical numbers, with scary '60's dancing to it. One of the elements that makes this a quite odd movie to watch.

An embarrassment to watch.


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