(Review originally written at 9 September 2010)

Jacques Tati movies seem to be just like Wes Anderson movies. Everyone seems to think they are hilarious to watch, while there is actually very little happening in their movies and all have a slow pace. The stories are thing and mostly consist out of quirky looking characters doing uninteresting things. I'm sorry, I just don't think there is anything funny about it at all.

I'm actually really fond of slapstick comedy but Jacques Tati just don't seem to connect to me at all with its humor. This is most probably due to its very lacking pace. It's slow and it suggests that it's building up to something that just never happens though. No, I did not hated watching this movie but still thought it was seriously lacking in humor for a comedy.

And really, what is it with Jacques Tati movies and a story. His movies just never seem to feature a main plot line. His movies are literally about nothing and do nothing but concentrate on a whole bunch of characters, going to their normal everyday routines. Of course some silly and humorous events happen and there are loads of returning gags in this but that is basically all that this movie is; the one intended humorously sequence after the other, while in fact most of those humorous sequence don't work out as funny ones because of its slow pace and the fact that just nothing interesting enough is happening.

Strangely enough to me these type of movies really seem to connect to a whole bunch of people and critics as well. It must do something right and hilarious in their eyes, or else it obviously wouldn't had won an Oscar as well for best foreign picture but I just don't see what the appeal is of this movie.

I rather watch a good slapstick from the early 20th century than a Jacques Tati movie obviously!


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