(Review originally written at 10 September 2010)

This was certainly one watchable unique movie but also one that leaves a quite redundant impression in the end. I'm just not sure what this movie tried to achieve and what for a type of story it tried to tell.

It's definitely a bit of a weird movie, especially toward the ending. It becomes all kind of arty, with all some, I suppose, deeper meanings to it but I just don't really get it.

I think you can just rather say that this is a student-film, that isn't really constantly trying to make sense at all. The movie looks definitely amateur-like and as if got shot by a bunch of friends in their spare time, while they were working with a shoestring budget. In that regard, this movie is all the more a real accomplishment from them but it also makes the movie a bit of an odd one to follow at times.

The movie begins sort of slow but suddenly in about the middle of it the movie suddenly turns very violent. This is a movie that is mostly known for its bold gore and violence. And yes, it's all rather good looking and original at times with its gore and violence. Can't really say that this is a very consistent movie but overall it still is a good watch.

A bit of a pointless movie but still a good enough watch.


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