(Review originally written at 8 September 2010)

When you watch an Anthony Mann western you always know it is going to be something special and different from usual. He was not really a director that applied to usual rules and the particular genre elements of the westerns from its era to his movies. This was not only just the case with his westerns by the way, since he also did a bunch of whole different movies but he is best known for his work in the western genre.

Anthony Mann westerns are often more realistic with its characters, story and emotions but at the same time they also manage to be very entertaining ones. Not that this movie is all fun but it still has a sort of adventurous approach and feeling to it all. That also means that the movie has a pleasant pace, which helps to make this movie a very good watch.

The story in itself is being kept quite simple. The story provides the movie with plenty of room to let the characters make and tell the story. It's a story that progresses along with its characters. The characters really play the central role in this movie and are what keeps this movie going and progressing so interesting. It's an intriguing to watch due to this effective approach.

Lots of people thought that Gary Cooper was miscast in this, mostly due to his age, but in truth he simply was great in this movie and he did not feel out of place or anything in it. I always enjoy seeing Lee J. Cobb in a movie as well but it was a bit silly though how he looked in this movie and at times played his character more like an old pirate, rather than an old tough outlaw.

Anthony Mann westerns don't come across as particularly expensive ones, mostly because they are often set in the open or indoors, at an obvious studio but nevertheless his movies are always great looking ones. And with this it just doesn't seem to matter whether his movies are in color or black & white.

Another nice, bit of different, little western from Anthony Mann.


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