(Review originally written at 12 November 2010)

It's not like I can't take or appreciate a good art-house movie but this one is hard to even look at.

Guess that this movie could had worked out as art, if it only had been shot more dynamic and visually interesting. Instead the movie now mostly consists out of long lasting static wide shots and the occasional extreme close-ups in between.

The movie is shot in black & white but not just ordinary black & white. It's shot in the same fashion and visual style of a grainy '30's movie. OK that's fine but what does this add? Absolutely nothing in my opinion. It serves no purpose at all for the story. I suppose maybe that the movie is set in the '30's because of the clothes that the characters are wearing but also this on its own seems quite pointless, since it doesn't add anything and it certainly doesn't make the movie any more interesting to watch.

It also really doesn't help this movie that it's being an incredible cheap looking one. The sets are, maybe deliberately, extremely cheap and simplistic looking and basically only consists out of a table, a bed and two cheap plastic chairs. But you can also tell by its sound, lighting and simplistic camera-work and such that this was an extremely cheap production. Because of this alone it already is quite hard to get ever really into this movie and what it tries to achieve.

And quite frankly, I have no idea what this movie tried to achieve. It's story certainly doesn't provide much answers, since there basically is none. It can be OK for these sort of artistic movies to not really feature or try to tell a good clear main story but only if either the movie its message or main purpose remains clear or if the movie has some interesting visuals to make the movie worthwhile. But needless to say that this movie does neither. It makes this movie even an overlong and boring one because it remains a completely uninteresting one.

Fast-forward through this movie and you won't miss anything.


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