(Review originally written at 12 November 2010)

Key to this movie is it's being a very unique watch. There isn't any other movie like "301, 302", which already makes this movie an original and unique one. It's also however a very good movie, that works out effective, despite of its unusual approach.

I can't really see how people can see this movie as an horror, thriller or mystery. To me, this movie above all things was a drama, due to its characters that are in it. Their stories and the way they progress throughout this movie really made me see this as a drama and was what also sucked me into the movie and story as a whole.

It also obviously helps that this movie is a very well put together one, when it comes down to its directing. It has some very good and unique storytelling, that lets the story come across as 'weird' but makes the movie involving to watch nevertheless. It's also visually a very attractive movie, in which food plays a very central role. The movie remains above all things a very visual orientated one, which in return also really strengthens the movie its atmosphere and story.

Perhaps this movie is being a bit too unusual for the mainstream audience but then again this movie is also obviously not aimed toward them. You could consider this an art-house movie but don't let that label immediately scare you off from ever seeing this movie. It remains a pretty much accessible one throughout and basically everybody should be able to appreciate the movie its visual and unique and effective approach of its story.


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