(Review originally written at 26 February 2010)

Compared to the first two movies, this one is certainly a bit of a disappointment. It's not as fun and also not as action packed as any of the two previous movies. Perhaps the fact that director William Lustig walked off the set, for some reason, is the reason for this.

You can tell that this movie had some really good ideas in it but it just doesn't work out quite well enough all.

It sounds strange but even Cordell just comes across as a totally pointless character in this movie, even though he is the titular maniac cop of the movie. Seems like the movie really had a hard time putting its emphasis on the right elements and persons within this movie. It was true that in the previous movie the Robert Davi got pushed to the background too much, even though he was supposed to be the main hero of the movie. This time its perhaps more the other way around, with the movie focusing more on the 'human' characters and not the evil villainous Matt Cordell. it makes everything that he does in this movie come across as just silly and pointless. No, the movie just doesn't work out that very well.

But the thing that was perhaps still missing most from this movie was the fact that it just didn't managed to become fun or entertaining to watch. Of course all of the previous Maniac Cop movies are silly ones but at least the know to be fun and don't become ever very serious and instead goes more often over-the-top.

Oh well, it at least still has Robert Davi and Jackie Earle Haley in it, who still keep the movie somewhat interesting and fun to watch, avoiding it from becoming a completely unwatchable one.

Not hard to see why they decided on leaving the series at 3 movies.


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