(Review originally written at 26 February 2010)

The first movie in the series, "La noche del terror ciego", was still a movie that very much got the benefit of the doubt mainly because of its awesome concept of having blind, zombie-like, Templar knights riding their horses in slow-motion and killing people randomly. It still was a fairly slow movie though, in which just not a lot was happening. The second movie, "El ataque de los muertos sin ojos", was being an huge improvement with its pace and use of the concept. With "El buque maldito" they are however heading in the wrong direction again.

For this movie they decided on placing the story at a new and different location. This time the blind dead Templar knights are aboard a ghost ship. It of course doesn't take long for a bunch of stupid models to enter the ship and the slaughtering of them all can commence. It however takes 30+ minutes for the blind Templar knights to finally show up for the first time, which is far too late, also considering that the overall movie is only 85 minutes or so short. The movie then also pretty much starts to become a rehash of the first two movies again, which makes you wonder if the change of location was really needed for this entry and what it adds to the series.

No, it certainly ain't the best movie out of the series. As a matter of fact the movie is quite disappointing. Not that any of the previous movies out of the series were exactly great but at least they were perfect for the genre lovers, with their memorable evil monstrous blind Templar knight characters in it. This movie has however far little to enjoy in it, even for the fans of the genre. It's a far too slow movie, without any good original, or even exciting moments, to it.

What the movie is perhaps lacking as well is a good main 'hero'. It has a whole bunch of characters in it but the movie doesn't really pick one for the main lead. Instead we now have a whole bunch of characters that you don't really care about.

The movie is also quite cheap looking, like you would expect from a genre movie like this one. The movie is almost completely set aboard a ship but this movie just never gives you the sense of this. The movie looks as if it all got shot entirely inside a studio, with wooden backdrops that are supposed to be part of the ships its interior. It's also a movie that is pretty low on its gore and the actual blind Templar knights in this movie also look worse than ever. The makeup for them in the previous movies was actually quite good and at times even impressive. Doesn't seem like makeup was even used in this movie, just some lame masks and other prosthetic devices for the arms and such.

A disappointing third entry into the series. I just can't really say much positive about it because there simply isn't anything to say in its defense.


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