(Review originally written at 13 February 2010)

Even though this movie is not as great as the first movie, that got released 2 years earlier, it still is a more than worthy sequel that is simply good fun to watch.

The story is not as solid and tense or mysterious as the movie. In the first movie it's still being kept somewhat of a mystery who or what the killer exactly is. In this movie that of course is not the case anymore. It sort of gives the Cordell character even more room to just randomly kill a whole bunch of people, though his anger gets still aimed toward the police force.

But they even threw in another serial killer this time. Guess it's not entirely necessary but it at the same time also prevents the movie from being a typical slasher flick with a standard story.

It's a direct sequel to the first movie and it basically takes place the next day or so after the events of the first movie. It also features Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon, who were the main leads in the previous movie. The leads in this movie are however still being played by some different actors, I guess to avoid to making this movie a rehash of the first one. Robert Davi and Claudia Christian are the new leads this time. Of course Robert Z'Dar is also back again as Matt Cordell. He's still an awesome main villain. It is true though that Robert Davi and Claudia Christian get somewhat pushed to the background, due to the movie its focus. So the movie is perhaps lacking a good real main 'hero'.

It's not really necessary to watch the first movie. This movie on its one can be perfectly watched as a stand-alone one, also not in the least due to the extensive use of flashback sequences, containing scenes from the first movie, explaining all of the events prior to what happened in this movie its story and even explains Cordell history pretty much all over again.

Bascily what makes this movie mostly so perfectly watchable is the fact that it's being fun. It's not as serious as the standard slasher-flick and it also features some good action once more, which was one of the most surprising things about the first movie as well. It's also directed by the same director, William Lustig, again, who also went on and direct the third movie in the series.

A good and fun sequel to the great first movie!


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