(Review originally written at 18 February 2010)

I just couldn't believe how bad this movie turned out to be. Sure, the original wasn't exactly a masterpiece either but with this movie the even more managed to make a boring mess out of it.

There are so many things wrong with this movie, that I don't know were to begin. Perhaps the worst thing is its pacing and build up. The movie is filled with sequences that go on for far too long, in which the characters do nothing but talk and there are some other sequences in the movie as well that most other directors would had left on the editing floor. There are some redundant moments in the movie, which just don't add enough.

But perhaps the most annoying thing about this movie is its casting. Every actor feels basically miscast in this. Because of this the characters work out mostly annoying in this movie. This is painfully mostly the case with Kandyse McClure, who is one moaning and complaining woman in this movie. Just slap her in the face and kill her off in the movie already. She is so terribly annoying. Also painfully miscast was the young Preston Bailey. He is supposed to be the tough leader and all, who has the whole community down on their knees for him but come on, he is just as a small kid, with a very big hat. He and the other kids are supposed to be the elements were the movie its horror comes from. But no, this obviously does not work out at all, since kids just aren't that scary, not in the least because they just aren't the greatest and most convincing actors to watch. Poor Preston Bailey. It also doesn't help him much that he is given such hard lines. I'll bet that halve of the stuff he had to see he didn't understand himself. I know this fits his character but it just doesn't work out in the movie and only comes across as ridicules.

I wished more interesting would be happening in this movie. The movie itself seemed to have some good ideas, especially when you compare it to the 1984 version but yet it for some reason it doesn't expand in its own ideas and even seems to lay its emphasis totally wrong. The movie is really far from exciting to watch, especially as an horror.

It seemed like a good idea to modernize the story more, for the 21th century, with todays style of film-making. Next time they should however put someone in charge who seems to know what he or she is doing and can make a decent film, out of a potentially decent concept.

Strangely enough you're far better off watching the 1984 version of the Stephen King short story, or any of its many sequels for that matter.


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