(Review originally written at 13 February 2010)

Come on now, this movie has actually very little to do with the previous entries. Not that that necessarily is a bad thing though, since the previous entries also exactly weren't brilliant, tense, frightening or original enough movies.

But also on its own right, this movie is a pretty poorly done one. It's story is quite bad and it just pretty much fails to take off. The movie its movie remains a mysterious one till pretty much the very end of the movie. Not that it contributes much to the movie its tension or anything, it just comes across as some very lazy and simplistic writing.

All we have here in this movie are a bunch of mindless looking and moving kids, who every now and then start to laugh annoyingly. The movie seems to be without any real good ideas and instead grabs onto some simplistic and formulaic horror moments, that besides are not handled or executed too well into the movie.

It's not really the type of movie in which you care a lot about anything. The characters are just flat and uninteresting and you don't care if they survive or not and if they will be able to solve the 'mystery'.

With this all it also doesn't help much that the story is filled with some distracting plot-holes and just elements that don't make sense in the overall story. Like I said, the movie has some very lazy and cheesy writing and the movie its story should had basically never turned into a movie. I just don't get it why some scripts get even turned into movie. Surely when you read a story like this you'll known beforehand that the movie won't be anything too spectacular or even original to watch.

I also just don't get why Michael Ironside is in this movie. His role is so totally pointless and besides also far too small to make a relevant impression. He is an actor that deserves far better really but oh well, everybody needs to do some work to pay the bills and maintain their swimming pool and mistresses.

Doesn't as too much to do with the Children of the Corn-series or how it started all out once with Stephen Kings' short story but also a stand-alone picture this one is far too formulaic and without any good ideas of its own.


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