(Review originally written at 14 January 2010)

I admit, I just loved watching "Maniac Cop". I certainly didn't expected to enjoy this movie as much as I did. It's a low budget B-movie really, with of course a ridicules main concept. The movie truly stands out within its genre because it all got done so extremely well. Everything just works out perfectly for the movie, such as its cast, its main killer, the story and even some unexpectedly well done action sequences. This movie is more than a slasher really and is a blend of many more genres.

The movie still begins as a pretty averages one, when this maniac cop is just randomly killing innocent people. However once the story starts to develop more and we also get to learn more about the killer's identity and motivations the movie becomes a much more fascinating one, that also takes a couple of nice turns with its story.

Above all things "Maniac Cop" is a real entertaining movie to watch. This is more than anything else why I loved it so much. It still has some gory moments in it as well and some of the killings are pretty brutal, to ensure that the fans of the genre will also not be disappointed.

The movie is also really made great due to its fine cast. I must say that this is absolutely one fine cast movie, in which most of the actors really fit their roles. It even has some quite big names in it. Tom Atkins, William Smith and Robert Z'Dar were all just great. Main 'hero' of the movie is Bruce Campbell, who is the king of B-movies and also Richard Roundtree, Mr. Shaft himself, makes an appearance as the police commissioner.

A movie that I absolutely enjoyed watching!


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