(Review originally written at 13 January 2010)

Little wrong with this movie basically but I just wasn't go as far as calling this movie a masterpiece. This movie is just not the best example of the greatness that the genre has to offer. And from a movie that won 8 Oscar's, including the one for best picture, you are of course expecting this.

Thing with this movie was, was that it was feeling a bit incomplete to me. Not all stories reached a satisfying enough conclusion for my taste and the movie could had focused a bit better and more deep on certain issues handled in this movie. It's a melodramatic movie, with also some love stories thrown into it, against the backdrop of Pearl Harbour. It still of course beats the Micheal Bay movie by a long-shot but it's silly to compare both these movies really, since they are so much different in style and its goals.

Still I liked the story and movie for not being as formulaic as you would expect. No everybody ends up-, or gets what you expect. Because the movie is not really predictable, the drama also all works out better.

The movie is not as epic as it might sound, fore it got made for a fairly low budget and got shot in only 41 days. It's more a movie that still feels and looks epic due to its many different dramatic plot-lines and characters.

It's a movie with some well known actors in it, like Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed and Ernest Borgnine, who is still alive and active in the business. It also has a really out of place Frank Sinatra in it, who tried to give his career another boost with this movie, with a more serious and demanding role. Amazingly enough he even won an Oscar for it. The only one he would get for his acting during his long career. To me he still seemed like the weakest actor in this movie.

A great movie to watch but worth 8 Oscar's? There are honestly far better of examples of the genre out there more worthy of those wins and honor.


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