(Review originally written at 14 January 2010)

I don't mind movies changing history, or taking various different variations on a story but this movie is nothing more but a piece of Nazi propaganda, used to especially make the English look bad this time. The did the story in such a way that it seemed as if the greed and lust for money was the reason for the Titanic to sink.

But of course this angle could had also been taken years later, in basically every other Titanic, so I'll judge this movie as a movie, rather than a propaganda piece.

At this point, I have seen every relevant Titanic movie. As far as Titanic movies are concerned this version is not amongst the best ones. The movie feels rather rushed and in terms of its look and style, it also isn't the most impressive version around. It must had been far from the costly Titanic movie to make, which can be really seen in the movie. It doesn't ever use big establishing shots of the ship or its interiors. Also the actual sinking is done quite simply, as we get to see very little people actually dying or struggling to survive. Still I must say that they did a good job with its available resources and little money they had to spend. They used some creative solutions.

Also its story, aside from its underlying main plot, is a quite well done one. The movie has many different characters in it and it decides not to have really one or two main characters. So what we have now are many different characters, with many different stories and backdrops. It ensures that the movie also remains interesting and the movie doesn't really ever have any slow moments it. It's also a quite short movie, so that also surely helps.

It could had actually been a much better movie, had it not felt and looked that much rushed.


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