(Review originally written at 16 October 2009)

The change of director and obviously higher budget did not harmed this film. However nothing really interesting is ever happening within this movie, which makes it for most part a quite boring one.

The movie basically starts of were the first movie stopped. At first I had hopes that this movie would show some more of the chaos that the world would be in, as often got talked about in the first movie and also in this movie as well but it remains an odd sight to see everyone going about their usual stuff when hundreds of millions of people had disappeared, including all the children of the world. I mean, literally everybody has lost some loved ones but no one seems concerned or angered about this. Guess the world just looks better when you belief in God...

All, well most, of the characters and actors from the first movie reappear in this one as well. They obviously star in this movie because of their religion and their faith in the project and strong believes that this movie could reach out to people. Well atheist will probably mostly laugh at this movie, while believers are being treated upon a pretty dull movie, with still some redeeming elements for them in it.

The story seemed liked it had some potential in it but yet they managed to not make the best of it. Why not just make this movie a bit more thriller and exciting like just for the cinematic value of it all. Guess the series works out better in its book form.

For most part too boring to consider this movie watchable enough but still it isn't as laughable as the first movie.


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