(Review originally written at 16 May 2009)

Romantic-comedies such as this movies flourished in the '40's and even though they are basically all much alike, they are still quite enjoyable to watch all, due to their simplistic and fun nature and the fact that there were often some great directors and big name actors involved.

The screwball genre isn't really my favorite and I also wouldn't exactly rank this movie among my favorites but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a movie like this one. I had seen some Preston Sturges screwball movies before, that are widely being regarded as classics and I must admit that I wasn't too greatly impressed with any of these movies. I must say that this movie is actually one I did liked much better for some reason though. It's definitely the best Preston Sturges movie I've seen so far.

Perhaps it are the movie its settings, perhaps it are the movie its actors. Who knows. But the movie does definitely entertain better than most other genre movies did. Still I feel that the movie with some more clever written could had been a far funnier one. The movie could had used some more comical moments, involving mistaken identity for instance. The movie didn't had enough laughs in it for my taste and the movie its comedy relies more on its dialog and performances by the actors, rather than its writing.

Luckily the movie does have some great actors in it though. Henry Fonda of course wasn't best known for his comedy roles but that is perhaps what makes him so perfect for his role in this movie. Barbara Stanwyck is truly excellent as well and to me was the heart and soul of this entire movie.

I enjoyed it more than any other Preston Sturges movie,


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