(Review originally written at 16 May 2009)

Well, yes this movie foremost is a real chick-flick but for a movie within its genre it's simply not bad. It's a movie that serves its purpose and is simply good and enjoyable for the right audience.

Of course the movie is pretty simplistic with its story and all but this is fitting for the genre. Also the fact that everything is so terribly predictable of course also suits the movie just fine. As far as genre movies like this go; there are far worse movies to watch out there.

It's a movie that relies mostly on its main concept and sticks to it right till the end. The concept is simple but enjoyable when two best friends through an administrative mistake are getting married on the same day. They start to battle each other when they each want to perfect wedding day for themselves. It provides the movie with a couple of nice- and comical moments.

All in all the movie is quite enjoyable to watch, perhaps thanks to the very same fact that the movie is being so simplistic and predictable.


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