(Review originally written at 22 May 2009)

This movie basically has the same sort of story and characters in it like any other '40's romantic, dramatic movie with comedy elements in it. Yet this movie is not really like any other formulaic genre movie. Difference is that this movie is so much fun to watch due to its directing style from the directing duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, who directed several movies together during the '40's and '50's.

The movie is made in a refreshing way. Just like an Hitchcock, the movie experiments with some small effects, that help to provide the movie with an unique style of its own and makes this movie even special and unique to watch this present day.

I only wished though that the entire movie would be more like its first halve. The movie began as such a fun and fast paced comical movie, with a fine main character but as the movie progresses it becomes more and more standard and the comedy and fun of the movie gets replaced by a more serious of tone drama and romantic movie, that also is more predictable.

The acting is surprisingly great. None of the actors within this movie are any big starts but they give away some great performances, which no doubt is also due to the script, also written by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and due to the directing qualities of these same two persons, who both deserve way more recognition.

What also makes the movie a great watch are its settings. The movie is set in the Scotish highlands, on and around a small island. The movie features some unique and typical Scotish nature environments and habits and culture.

Mainly thanks to its fresh approach this is a movie well worth watching, even when you're not really into the genre. A truly charming movie.


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