(Review originally written at 13 November 2010)

This is really obviously a movie from the early days of animation. It's of course completely done by hand all and even by just one person; Winsor McCay, who before venturing into animated movies was already a successful cartoonist.

The concept of this movie also comes from a successful newspaper cartoon done by him. This movie was the first out of three, which he based on his successful comic 'Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend'.

It really isn't a very smooth and stylized looking animated movie. The character movements are extremely awkward at times for instance and the sequences really don't always flow that well. Most sequences even feel overlong and it just doesn't always get to its point quick enough. Also the animation style itself, so its characters and such really aren't anything too impressive looking. The backgrounds on the other hand were quite good looking.

But as for the actual entertainment value of the movie, it's certainly a good enough movie to watch. It has an amusing concept, which get executed well, mostly in its second half.

The movie at its beginning cites Winsor McCay as the inventor of animated drawing but this simply isn't true and seems to be an early advertisement trick. it's true though that he was the first animator who's movies became a big commercial success as well and reached a wide audience with his movies.

Very early animated movie, that is still entertaining enough to watch now days.


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