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It's never been a big secret that the movie "Twelve Monkeys" had been based on this movie, it even says so in its opening credits after all but I still knew nothing about this movie at all and was surprised to see the influences and similarities this movie showed with the 1995 Terry Gilliam classic.

To be frank, this has got to be one of the most original time travel movies of all time. Not just because of the concept of time traveling as gets handled in this movie but also simply because the movie its overall style and creativity. It's a short movie that consist entirely out of still shots, that get narrated. So no dialog or actors in this movie and you can say that you are simply watching a slide-show of occurrence.

The concept of time traveling in this movie is very similar to the way shown in "Twelve Monkeys". Also it's main character is being a prisoner, in a near ominous future. Both fall in love with a woman out of the past, when they travel through time and the ending...well if you have seen "Twelve Monkeys" already you should know how this movie is going to end as well, since it's being exactly the same. Nevertheless, the ending in this movie still manages to leave a real powerful impression on you cause it simply gets build up and handled well, even when you have already seen "Twelve Monkeys".

Its science-fiction story is simply great and fascinating to follow. At first you really aren't sure what to expect of this movie, which not in the least is being due to its unusual storytelling approach of merely using black & white stills. But the movie simply manages to suck you into it and it works extremely well and fascinating, even though I admit that the stills being used aren't even particularly impressive looking ones. It's of course an incredibly cheap and also very simply way of film-making, which makes you wonder why it hasn't been done more often.

And absolutely great and captivating unusual and original film-experience, that is also interesting to watch as a source of inspiration for the just as great and popular 1995 movie "Twelve Monkeys".


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