(Review originally written at 4 December 2010)

Seriously, how do some people think they'll get noticed and earn lots of money and respect with such an average and formulaic movie such as this one.

Yes, I'll admit that I'm definitely fed up at this point by horror/slasher movies that feature a group of young, perfect looking, college students. Of course there is also still the obligatory fat guy, who also happens to be the only single of the group and is the only one that likes to play video games. It's amazing how these kids still seem to worry about their relationships and other personal stuff, while their friends are all being killed one by one, in front of them. The movie of course still starts out happy, in which the kids are preparing themselves for a week full of liquor and careless sex. God, I'm so glad I have never hung out with a sort of friend-group as got portrayed in this movie.

But of course the movie is not just being formulaic with its characters but also with its story. Lots of people seem to compare it to modern torture horror movies but guess that no one has seen the Japanese movie "Batoru rowaiaru", that pretty much uses the same concept as this movie. So no, obviously this movie isn't being a very original one but on top of that, the story is also just far too weak to consider it ever really a believable enough one. Seriously, the reason why the killer is messing with these kids is just way out there and frankly I just didn't buy into his silly motivations. But also the way these kids are handling the whole situation feels at all times far from likely. None of them are predictable, which sounds like a good thing but in this case isn't really. Whenever you think someone is good and the movie is going to focus on him/her and treat him/her as the hero of the movie, he/she does something incredibly immoral and you start to no longer care for any of the characters and whether or not they are going to survive.

But still, it remains a pretty decent made genre movie, that is certainly good looking and also features some nice gore and killings. But in this case this still isn't really being enough to please the fans of the genre. It doesn't save the movie, it just spices up things a little at times.

And it's a real shame, since the movie gives you the feeling that it still could had been a pretty original and interesting one, had it done more with its concept and perhaps had some better written characters in it.

If you want to see this movie done well, I suggest you go see "Batoru rowaiaru".


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