(Review originally written at 5 December 2010)

People keep saying how this movie is fun to watch as a spoof and satire on the genre, while in fact it was the 1958 movie that did a much better job at not taking itself too serious. Something that did movie could had learned a lot from.

This is really a hard movie to get into because it simply isn't an either very exciting or interesting one to watch. There are several reasons as to why. First of all the characters just aren't being really likable or well written enough. They are quite flat and bland and it makes you wonder why the movie is focusing on these characters, while a different approach with different characters would had made the story at least whole lot more interesting to follow. Which brings me to the movie its second problem; it's being too much of a lackluster and too much of a bore. This is not necessarily because there aren't enough killings, or action happening but more because there is never really a good sense of danger in the movie. It also makes the movie fall flat as an horror. You could say that this is also mostly due to the treatment of the blob. It seems to pop up at random places, for some unexplained reason and is more of a monster with tentacles and all than a scary slow moving, all consuming, single cell entity, there is no escaping off and can't be stopped by anything.

So no, I just couldn't really enjoy watching this movie, despite its hard efforts to still make this a fun movie to watch. It instead makes this movie more often a ridicules one to watch, since it allows its story to feature some highly unlikely- and just plain silly, bad written, elements. I'm talking about especially the stuff involving the military. This seriously could had better been left out and it perhaps would had strengthened the small town- and desolated feeling and atmosphere of the movie.

Needless to say that you are better off watching the original.


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