(Review originally written at 3 December 2010)

Main reason why this movie is still pretty well known in certain circles is because it features Morgan Freeman in the role of a pimp. Morgan Freeman, about the most respected and sophisticated, polite, afro-American actor you can think off, in the role of a stereotypical mean and foul mouthed street pimp. Oh well, we all have to start our careers somewhere and at some point, the same goes for Morgan Freeman. This sounds like it's being worth the admission price alone but of course there is more to this movie, which unfortunately just isn't must good or interesting.

This movie was quite a ridicules and silly one. This is obviously due to its story, that is severely lacking. There isn't a real point or conflict in this movie and it's just some reporter, played by a mobile Christopher Reeve, hanging out with a pimp on the streets, until the last half hour or so, when the film-makers suddenly seemed to realize that they started out originally with an idea and story that needed to get resolved by the end. But this story is really quite thin and doesn't work out that well because it's hanging together from its coincidences and is just far from ever a likely one.

It also is being a real formulaic movie. About every cliché you can think off, that a movie featuring a pimp can have in it, gets featured in this movie. It just doesn't matter that the pimp gets played by Morgan Freeman. When you have a bad story, you have a bad story and when you have a bad story, you have a bad movie, or in the very least a very uninteresting and pointless one to watch.

Yes, the movie is still for most part quite watchable and it does definitely has some good moments in it but then again it also does have some very silly and bad moments in it, that often center around it's unlikely main plot line.

The movie is just mostly being predictable and far from interesting, which makes this movie mostly a pointless watch.


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