(Review originally written at 17 November 2009)

Well, to mean having Jason Voorhees battling a couple of teenagers in space, in the 25th century already sounds like a very lame concept in the first place. The actual end result is also far from satisfying and the movie is a pretty bad one, in many different ways.

The concept was already quite bad but so is the actual story. They make no secret out of it that the story got very much based on the Alien-legacy movies. Not just with the story but also with the characters really. Of course they also tried to spice up things and update the Friday the 13th series by adding new hip teen stuff. This however works more out lame then good for the movie really because everything in the movie seems so far fetched and the events and characters in it all feel very distant.

There of course had been some bad Friday the 13th movies before in the series but what they all had in common was that they got better as they progressed. This movie however only gets worse as it progresses. The story becomes more and more ridicules, which really causes you to laugh more often than to be scared or grabbed by any of it.

The movie is all about blood and gore and with this it also relies obviously on some special effects. As an horror movie the movie really falls flat, also due to the fact that it's more busy trying to be a science-fiction flick. Attempts that are in vein though, fore "Jason X" as a science-fiction movie also really falls short, not just due to the fact that it is hardly being original but also due to its looks. The futuristic clothes, the technologies, it's just all being too lame. Also the actual special effects are being slightly below par for normal 2001 standards.

The movie also really makes the mistake that it allows the Jason character to be the true star of the movie. This means that he gets featured a lot, which makes everything less scary and takes away a lot of the tension of the movie. They even throw in lots of close-ups of him and especially his eyes. Jason is not as much a threatening character when you see his eyes really. The fact that Kane Hodder is again playing Jason can't even seem to safe the character this time and I'm not even talking yet about the Uber-Jason character that pops up in the movie.

The movie really feels like a pointless sequel, also because it has so little to do with the rest of the Friday the 13th-series. They should had just skipped this movie and have started working on "Freddy vs. Jason" right away, since that was the movie everybody was anticipating for after "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday". This movie seems to completely ignore the fact that "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday" ever happened and it also really isn't staying very loyal to earlier movies within the series, as it's trying to really be a movie on its own that is made to appeal a new, younger audience. A failed attempt though.

Really the worst that the Friday the 13th-series has to offer.


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