(Review originally written at 15 November 2009)

Just like its predecessor, this is a movie that surprises within its genre. '50's science-fiction/horror wasn't exactly known for its class or greatness but some of the exception from the '50's to this were also some great classic ones at the same time. Just think about "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "The Thing From Another World" for instance. What those movies all did was taking its genre serious and approach it from a scientific and also more classic horror approach. So instead of having straight forward monsters we have an actual build-up, with solid written story and characters to like and feel for.

"Quatermass 2" is also a movie that approaches the genre with some more class than many of its fellow genre pieces from the same time period. It's a movie that mostly relies on its mysterious build up and eerie atmosphere. It has some great moments in, though it also is being quite ridicules at times. But this also has to do with the fact that of course by todays standards the '50's science-fiction flicks look all so terribly outdated now days.

It's an Hammer film from the period that the Hammer studios were not only solely known for its horror productions. The movie also does have some of the, what later would be, typical Hammer film moments in it. Basically Hammer films were all some early exploitation flicks but in its beginning period it still showed some more class and also had some obviously more serious intentions still with its movies.

The acting in the movie is really great. Brian Donlevy reprises his Dr. Quatermass role again and he was great to watch again. The role of Lomax is this time being played by John Longden, who also did a real great job.

It's a good looking movie with its atmosphere. The movie is shot in black & white, which enhances the mystery and also tension of the entire movie. It's a movie that really is build on its atmosphere and mystery. It does use some special effects but it does this to a minimum. It's really not the type of science-fiction movie you would expect from one that got made during the '50's.

Just like its predecessor, a great little '50's gem.


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