(Review originally written at 19 November 2009)

This movie brings together the best of two worlds. On the one side we have Freddy Krueger from the A Nightmare on Elm Street-franchise and on the other Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th-series. Both had done their killing throughout the years and are part of a long running successful franchise. This movie had always been sort of coming ever since the '90's. When this movie got released in 2003 it was perhaps a bit too late, for not all people were really waiting for a movie featuring two classic horror-icons that hadn't really appeared in anything ever since the '90's, not counting in "Jason X" that had just very little to do with the Friday the 13th-franchise. Perhaps because of this the movie also never truly got the recognition it truly deserves.

This movie did certainly not disappoint. To be honest I wasn't expecting much good from it but what it did was having the best elements from the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th-series in it and it combined it all perfectly, like it was always meant to be for both series to blend in with each other.

The movie is definitely not as ridicules as its concept might make it sound like. As far as the genre and both of the series goes, it has a quite plausible story.

What the movie does well is that if focuses very well on the two evil characters of the movie; Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees. It explains their history as well, something that never truly got done well enough, or at least not to my satisfaction, in neither the A Nightmare on Elm Street-series or the Friday the 13th one. Especially Jason's fatal day as a kid gets shown well.

Both evil's eventually clash in this movie, which in itself is quite interesting fight, since both seem to know each others weaknesses and both are invulnerable till some extend, which means they can really bash in to each other. It's sort of too bad though that once the two characters start to battle each other the movie also becomes more messy to watch. The story is suddenly all over the place, while the movie began so well and promising with its story in its first halve.

of course the movie build heavily on its two main iconic characters. Fans of Jason and/or Freddy will not be disappointed by this movie, since both get to do their things. It's not a movie that is holding back with its horror and violence and the movie features quite some gore in it.

A nearly perfect and certainly entertaining and satisfying crossover of two legendary horror-series and its iconic characters.


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