(Review originally written at 12 June 2008)

I have never been a regular watcher of the show "Jackass" on MTV but when I did watch it I often did enjoy its craziness and fun of it all. I also liked the first movie, "Jackass: The Movie" a surprising lot. "Jackass Number Two" is not as good, fresh and original as the first movie but its done in the same trend as the first movie and the TV show, so how could it have ended up bad?

Ever since 2002, after the release of "Jackass: The Movie" it had been more quiet around Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Magera, Wee Man, Chris Pontius and all of the others. No wonder that they were more than keen than to make yet another Jackass movie, 4 years after they all last worked together. Ever since a lot of TV shows tried to jump into on the success of "Jackass" and shows such as "Dirty Sanchez", "Viva la Bam", "Wildboyz" and "The Dudesons" but no matter how absurd some of the things they did in it were it nowhere ever reached the level of "Jackass". Secret of "Jackass" are its persons that are involved. No matter how strange they are and behave, they are all likable in a way and the fun they are obviously having together translates really well on to the screen. It also really feels as if they haven't been gone for 4 years and they just continue on were they had stopped. This is also why I'm still looking forward to the third Jackass movie and even Jackass number 11 and 12.

No, the movie is not as good as the first movie was. The crazy stunts and stuff they came up with for this movie were just not as good and original as was the case in the first movie. This of course doesn't mean that this movie isn't good or hilarious to watch.

Difference also with the previous movie is that they perform more skits and play more pranks on each other this time. The skits are probably most hilarious since they are so crazy and well done. It's great to see the director Spike Jonze dressed up as an old lady harassing people with her breast hanging out of her clothes. Yes, that is the Spike Jonze who also directed the movies "Being John Malkovich" and "Adaptation.". Or watch Johnny Knoxville as an old man picking fights with random people and embarrass them with his fake attached set of balls that bungle below out of his shorts.

The movie still makes you wonder though how much of it and i'ts reactions are real and what got staged. This already was sort of an issue with the first movie but this movie raises this question as well. Sometimes it seemed to absurd to be real.

But real or not, the movie will make you laugh for real. It's almost constantly funny, even when they aren't doing any crazy stunts it's still fun because they always do or say something funny instinctively. Like I said before it are its performers and interaction and chemistry between them that makes Jackass irresistibly funny to watch. Even though Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O are obviously the big stars of the show they still know that they are nowhere and nothing without all of the other guys and they also behave like it. They are just a part of the group and their part in this movie is no bigger than any of the others and that's how it should be like.

The movie is perhaps also more gross than the previous movie. It features quite an amount of vomiting, drinking horse semen and of course Dave England shows his skills of doing number two's on command.

Absurdly and irresistibly fun. Bring on the other Jackass movies!


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