(Review originally written at 11 June 2008)

Movies made during WW II are often cheap looking once and often also feature anti-Nazi undertones and themes. This movie is no different and is cheap and simple looking with a Nazi-Germany angle to the story as well.

It's just a movie that doesn't work out as neither an horror or as a comedy. Both themes are handled too light and simple, which makes this a rather predictable and tiresome movie to watch, despite its very short running time of just over an hour.

The movie is not necessarily cheap and simple looking with its sets or costumes but more with its simplistic camera-work, editing and directing style. Yes, it's consistent with most WW II time '40's work, which worked out for some movies but in that case they often had skilled directors at the helm that still made the movie special and interesting to watch. Jean Yarbrough just isn't the greatest movie director around and from the '50's on he spend most of his career directing television series, which more seemed to suit him and his style.

It's a typical '40's zombie flick, which means that it features exotic locations, drums, voodoo and hypnotism. It wasn't until the '70's and George A. Romero's 'Dead'-movies that zombie movies became the ones that we know today.

No, the movie is not terrible and it still has some entertainment value in it but overall it's just too lame, predictable and simple to consider this a good or real recommendable movie to watch.

You're basically better of watching an Abbott & Costello horror-comedy instead.


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