(Review originally written at 24 October 2009)

This movie continues the Friday the 13th franchise and set the standards for all of the later sequels. In this movie the killer this time is really Jason, while in the first movie it was still never the film-makers their intention to make of the Jason character a serial killer to make an entire movie franchise out of.

The movie is like everything you can expect from a genre movie and it's mostly being very formulaic. Fans of the genre will find very little true originality in this one and also little surprises in it's build up and execution. Again it's mostly a movie that is all about a bunch of young people being killed one by one, while they are at a camp, nearby the Camp Crystal Lake from the first movie, despite old cycling crazy Ralph's warnings.

So the movie does very little original or surprising but it also does very little wrong. That means that this movie is simply an enjoyable and also good enough genre piece to watch. As a sequel it also serves its purpose at further expanding the Jason Voorhees rampage and set the tone for its further sequels. After this movie it became all the more obvious they had all the intentions of turning this into a long running series of movies.

i just wished some of the killings within this movie would had been a bit more original. It's strange that in this movie some characters are being killed in the same way. Also lots of blood and gore got cut from the eventual print, to avoid getting a X rating. It has as a result that the movie is fairly tame with its graphic killings and blood. You really feel that they were holding back, while watching this movie, also with its nudity.

A typical genre movie that does very little wrong but also offers little originality within its genre


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