(Review originally written at 2 April 2010)

Man, I just don't know why I keep falling for such movies. Their concepts sounds greatly entertaining and silly enough to expect a good and fun movie from but rarely do this kind of movies ever work out as such.

It's not hard to say what is the foremost problem with this movie. Thing is that this movie of course has a totally ridicules and far from convincing main premise but yet the movie decides on taking a serious approach with it all. When you have such a low budget and so minimal resources there simply is no way that you can make this movie work out as a serious one. Had they decided on a more entertaining and over-the-top approach the movie would at least had been fun to watch. It now is mostly a boring one that is awfully bad looking.

The movie is a mixture of WW II and horror in which all different kinds of monsters show up. Sounds exciting perhaps but it just really isn't. The movie gets never tense because it's all done quite poorly. It's good and fun and all that the film-makers actually had the resources and the money at hand to make the movie their way but it's clear that they just aren't the most talented people around and the fact that the movie is so cheap looking works really distracting from the movie and prevents the story to ever work out. You just never get into this movie or any of its events are characters, that all remain amazingly flat. I really can't tell who's who in this movie.

The story is also pretty messy. Things seem to happen pretty randomly and often the story is all over the place. The story makes often sudden jumps as if whole sections of the movie are missing from it. It prevents also the story from really ever flowing well and what it is lacking as well is a main plot line.

Because of the way how cheap the movie is looking, it also often becomes a laughable one, for all of the wrong reasons. I don't even think the movie intentionally tried to be bad, since as earlier mentioned, the film-makers fully seemed to go along with a full serious style of film-making. The special effects are ridicules and look like something everybody can make on their home computer. The costumes of the soldiers don't even seem to be authentic looking and lets not even get started on the creature effects.

Horror fans also won't really enjoy this, not even the ones that enjoy watching bad B-movies. There simply is no excitement, scares, surprises, creative originality or any gore.

The movie is just one bad looking and badly made bore-fest.


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