(Review originally written at 3 April 2010)

To be honest I really enjoyed watching this movie for its first part. I liked the story and were it was going. Everything got set up nicely but then suddenly things started to get from bad till worse for the movie.

It's as if the movie suddenly threw everything overboard and forgot all about telling a good story. The movie gets really messy and the story is hard to keep track on, not because it's being so complicated but because it gets told so poorly and confusing. You'll hardly feel involved with anything that is happening in this movie and with its main characters.

I'm also not sure who was supposed to be he main character and 'hero' of this movie. At times it's like its the Van Helsing character, while at others its Simon Sheppard or Mary Heller. It's also really part of the reason why the movie feels so messy and definitely distant at times.

It never seems like a really great idea to update a classic horror story to this present time. You have the feeling though that this movie still could had worked out, had it been more like it's first 20 minutes or so. Now it instead feels like a completely redundant and forgettable movie that tries to update the Dracula story.

Because it is modern it's also using lots of more modern effects. The special effects are not horrible but at parts they are however far from convincing, which also works distracting from the movie.

The movie also has some weird casting, with Gerard Butler as the Count Dracula. Unlike now days, early in his career Butler was and looked like quite a softy. He therefore really isn't convincing or threatening enough as the movie its supposedly main villain.

There are still of course far worse rendition of the story to watch out there but this movie surely also isn't among the most impressive or original ones.


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