(Review originally written at 1 April 2010)

As a sequel and as a monster horror movie, this is a very acceptable movie. I even enjoyed watching this more than the original.

Thing with this movie is that it's being less messy and more like a generic genre piece than the first movie was. Horror fans will definitely enjoy watching this sequel better than the original. There are more scares and typical horror elements and besides the actual monster is being handled far better.

They also obviously had a bigger budget to spend for this sequel. It's visually a better and more smooth looking movie than the original and overall the movie just feels as if it got made with more experienced people involved behind the camera's.

To be honest, I didn't really expected this movie to be a very good one. I already wasn't too fond of the first movie, which I still very much gave the benefit of the doubt and just the entire concept of this movie of having all the action take place in and around a school bus filled with teenage football players seemed like a very cheap and ineffective premise. But actually the movie is far from entire being set inside and around the bus and luckily the action and horror takes more place at other locations as well.

As a genre movie there basically is very little to complain about this movie. It does what it is supposed to do, without leaving a too lasting impression though. It's far from a great tense or original movie but nevertheless it is all good and enjoyable to watch, especially when you are in to the genre.


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