(Review originally written at 26 August 2010)

Considering the fact that in 1956 the musical genre was pretty much dead already, this movie is still a rather good and enjoyable one, that takes you back to the good old days of the genre, that combines musical aspects with comedy and romance.

It's not one of those musicals with big dancing numbers or one that features singing throughout but more one that features sweet little songs from time to time and every now and then Louis Armstrong and his band pop up as well to play some songs. It serves no purpose at all really once you start thinking about it but it's interesting to look at it as an early bit of commercializing of Hollywood. Louise Armstrong did this quite a big actually, since I had seen him appearing in movies like this before.

Even though I wasn't too fond of the story, it still suited the movie well, as weird as that might sound. It provided the movie with plenty of good moments as well as some fun ones. Still the actual main-plot line was quite annoying and not really one that makes a good example in my opinion. I just don't like movies at all that handle a serious thing such as love and marriage as something so trivial and sends out that massage that you could and also should marry just to any random person, for the sake of it. It perhaps just wasn't handle that well in this movie, since the story can't be really blamed for it, since it's one that still worked out well for the 1940 Oscar winning movie "The Philadelphia Story". And yes, that particular movie did win an Oscar for its screenplay.

This movie only got nominated for its songs and music, which seemed right. It has some pretty good songs, that are now being regarded as classics. You'll surely recognize some of the songs once you hear them.

People talk a lot about this movie its cast and mostly seem to talk about how everybody got miscast in it. I don't agree. I had no problem with Grace Kelly, even though I wasn't always too fond of her character and her actions, which seemed strange at times, to say the very least. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra simply did their thing and they did it well. I especially liked Frank Sinatra, who's acting for a chance was actually quite good.

A good and fun movie that is a great throwback to the golden days of the musical-romantic-comedies, with some of the stars of those days in it as well.


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